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Fossil Collections

I have recently rekindled my passion for paleontology through the collection and study of micro fossils. Living in an area that is composed of Metamorphic rock ranging for many miles around, means that I must import fossil bearing matrix from all over the country. As a member of The Fossil Forum, I have 'met' many interesting and like-minded folks from around the world. Through them, I am able to procure matrix from a broad range of ages and formations.

Hunting for micros involves the use of magnification and tweezers! The photos I take are made with my old Sony Cybershot which has a super macro setting. There are possibilities to make discoveries as many things are as yet undescribed. The galleries showcasing just a few of my recent finds will be added to as I catalog newer specimens. Select a Gallery from the drop down list to explore the facinating variety of micro fossils.