Here are some of the items we have found while hunting old home sites. It is very exciting to find an object of historical interest. Half the fun is the subsequent research to discover the history behind the relic.



Uniform button from the East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia Railroad.  appx. 1856 Click to enlarge

Art Nouveau brooch c.1920

This fancy buckle is 3" across


Victorian cameo necklace


Captain Midnight

Brooch or hair clasp

A cold cream lid 'LarkinPerfumery' Buffalo, N.Y.

enlarged image of antique 1/4" earring stud.

very small enameled pin (may have military significance)


This may have been a hat ribbon ornament

antique key

Pocket knives are often found at old homesites

Luxury tax token issued by 7 states 1937-38

reads: 'Alabama state tax commision'


A military button circa 1800's

Very old steel mouth harp recovered at an 1800's log cabin site


A mystery item! It's hinged & has 2 tiny springs inside. 2 1/2" long   Any ideas?

antiqueVictorian belt buckle


Victorian earring

14K GF 'Beautician' pendant

We are still looking for a GOLD pocket watch!

partial belt buckle from the Spanish - American war. April-July 1898 Click to enlarge

shoemaker's fob from Tenn. rollover to see back side


Dennis found this pottery shard on Edisto Beach. We were able to identify it when we found the exibit in the background at the Environmental Educational Center in the State Park. The displays there are very interesting. They also showcase the fossils that are often found on the beach.


These are some of the 50 caliber bullets recovered by Dennis on Otter Island. They are WWII relics from a time when the island was used for target practice.

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